The Biography

Passionate for photography and deeply convinced that diversity of race, colour, faith, gender, orientation, are the key to enrich culture and tolerance, Andrea Musso is an eclectic photographer.

His photos cover from reportages in 4 continents, to studio photo-shooting with professional models.

Born in Torino (IT), he is living in Geneva (CH) area since more than 20 years.

You can find the list of recognition he received for his work in the dedicated area.

The Work

The photographer is mainly focused on collaboration with non-profit organisations all over the world; he always collaborates for free, and pays his full expenses.

Passion for humans brings him to create photo-reportages and help Organisation to promote their activities.

People in need, victims of human trafficking, children, women, persons discriminated... these are his photo subjects, to show how much struggle we can find in the world, and what can be our role to help.

The Message

No matter how much struggle you live in your life: if you look up you will always want more, but if you look down you will see that the majority of people on earth is struggling much more than you.

If you have a roof over your head, a heated room, food three times per day, a bathroom... you are part of a privileged minority on earth.

And if you look closer, you will see that the majority of people, not having all these commodities, can be happy and smiling as well, taking care of their families and sharing the best they can: love for each others.

Do you need a Collaboration with us?

We are always open to work together:

- Reportage: With non-profit Organisations that need promoting material; we offer our work for free and we pay our own expenses

- Studio photography: Pregnancy, babies, nude-art, sport; whatever is your need you can contact us to discuss an ad-hoc project

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